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Charity First: Value-Added Services for You and Your Insureds

In partnering with Charity First, you will find that you not only benefit from our experience and knowledge in the niches we serve, but we also offer marketing and loss control support and responsive claims handling. We have made available sales products sheets to help you expand your footprint in the nonprofit and social service industry as well as with religious institutions, for-profit companies and hard-to-place accounts.

In addition, find out about our special relationship with IntelliCorp to offer insureds a variety of risk management tools when hiring employees and volunteers. Intellicorp helps our nonprofit customers reduce risk and make smarter hiring choices by providing the background checks screening tools they need. These tools are designed to deliver insureds superior results to assist in mitigating exposure to fraud, workplace violence, and negligent-hiring lawsuits.

We’ve also made available in this section contact information for claims reporting. At Charity First, we understand the importance of getting a claim resolved in a fair and expeditious manner and work with our carrier partners to deliver the type of elevated service our customers expect.

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We invite you to learn more about each of our programs and the products we offer. Please give us a call at 800-352-2761 or complete the Contact Us form on this page.