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Month: January 2015

Posted on: January 13, 2015 by Charity First

Legal Considerations of Starting a Vocational SchoolWhen your client, or potential client, makes the decision to open or start a vocational school, they are actually starting a new business, and will [...] Read More

Posted on: January 13, 2015 by Charity First

The Importance of Keeping Non Profit Employees SafeIn any type of business, whether non profit or otherwise, employee safety should be a primary focus. As we discussed in a previous post, all types of businesses share the need for workers compensation[...] Read More

Posted on: January 7, 2015 by Charity First

What do Clients Look for in a Church Insurance Policy?In recent years, churches have become increasingly vulnerable to lawsuits and legal claims. It’s important as a church leader for your client to h[...] Read More